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The Sabbath and Jubilee Cycle

This publication is available either as one large file or as individual chapters.

The single file will take approximately 9 minutes to download at 28.8 bps. It contains the complete book and is searchable with the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

At slower connection speeds, choosing the smaller individual chapter files may be the easiest way to download the book. The smaller files are also useful if you wish to preview a few chapters before downloading the complete book. The list of the individual chapters can be found below beginning with the Table of Contents.

Complete book as a single PDF file

[PDF ] The Sabbath and Jubilee Cycle 1477K

Index of individual PDF files

[PDF ] Contents 24k
[PDF ] Note to Reader 7k
[PDF ] Introduction 27k
[PDF ] Chapter 01 --Flaws in the System "B" Reconstruction 33k
[PDF ] Chapter 02 --The Tishri 1 New Year Question 32k
[PDF ] Chapter 03 --Events in Hezekiah's Reign 39k
[PDF ] Chapter 04 --The Assyrian Version 46k
[PDF ] Chapter 05 --One or Two Invasions? 51k
[PDF ] Chapter 06 --Defects in the Second Invasion Hypothesis 40k
[PDF ] Chapter 07 --Supportave Arguments for Two Invasions 49k
[PDF ] Chapter 08 --Tirhakah 99k
[PDF ] Chapter 09 --The Identity of Tirhakah 116k
[PDF ] Chapter 10 --The Issues of Chronology 128k
[PDF ] Chapter 11 --The Sabbath Year of 456/455 B.C.E. 35k
[PDF ] Chapter 12 --The Seleucid Era in Judaea 33k
[PDF ] Chapter 13 --The Seige of Bethzura and Jerusalem 85k
[PDF ] Chapter 14 --The Sabbath Year of 134/133 B.C.E. 25k
[PDF ] Chapter 15 --The Sabbath Year of 43/42 B.C.E. 14k
[PDF ] Chapter 16 --The Seige of Jerusalem 36k
[PDF ] Chapter 17 --The Chronology of Herod 29k
[PDF ] Chapter 18 --The Year Herod Conquered Jerusalem 37k
[PDF ] Chapter 19 --The Month Herod Conquered Jerusalem 36k
[PDF ] Chapter 20 --The 27 Years 36k
[PDF ] Chapter 21 --The Sabbath Year of 22/21 B.C.E. 31k
[PDF ] Chapter 22 --The Sabbath Year of 42/43 C.E. 57k
[PDF ] Chapter 23 --A Note of Indebtedness in Nero's Time 38k
[PDF ] Chapter 24 --Nero's "Year 2" in Judaea 25k
[PDF ] Chapter 25 --The Sabbath Year of 70/71 C.E. 30k
[PDF ] Chapter 26 --Dating the Contracts 117k
[PDF ] Chapter 27 --Addressing the Opposing View 30k
[PDF ] Chapter 28 --Coins and Documents 86k
[PDF ] Chapter 29 --"Year 4" of the Redemption of Israel 26k
[PDF ] Summation 15k
[PDF ] Appendices 34k
[PDF ] Bibliography and Abbreviations 46k
[PDF ] Index 128k

37 files

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