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The Festivals and Sacred Days of Yahweh

This publication is available either as one large file or as individual chapters.

The single file will take approximately 14 minutes to download at 28.8 bps. It contains the complete book and is searchable with the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

At slower connection speeds, choosing the smaller individual chapter files may be the easiest way to download the book. The smaller files are also useful if you wish to preview a few chapters before downloading the complete book. The list of the individual chapters can be found below beginning with the Table of Contents.

Complete book as a single PDF file

[PDF ] The Festivals and Sacred Days of Yahweh2.1 Meg

Index of individual PDF files

[PDF ] Contents44K
[PDF ] Introduction28K
[PDF ] Chapter 1 --Laying a Foundation84K
[PDF ] Intro to Part 1 --1 Required Under Grace?52k
[PDF ] Chapter 2 --The Inheritance60k
[PDF ] Chapter 3 --The Conditional Inheritance44k
[PDF ] Chapter 4 --The Torah64k
[PDF ] Chapter 5 --Under Grace60k
[PDF ] Chapter 6 --The Knowledge of Sin68k
[PDF ] Chapter 7 --Acts of Justification in the Torah56k
[PDF ] Chapter 8 --Are They Required?64k
[PDF ] Introd to Part 2 --Phasekh and Shabuath: Background and Controversy36k
[PDF ] Chapter 9 --What are Phasekh and Unleavened Bread?68k
[PDF ] Chapter 10 --The Festival of Shabuath (Pentecost)64k
[PDF ] Intro to Section 1 --Different Jewish Schools144k
[PDF ] Chapter 11 --Historical and Cultural Background64k
[PDF ] Chapter 12 --Sadducees Verses Pharasees60k
[PDF ] Chapter 13 --The Hasidic System (System B)64k
[PDF ] Chapter 14 --The Aristocratic System (System A)60k
[PDF ] Chapter 15 --The Neo-Aristocratic System (System C)48k
[PDF ] Chapter 16 --Counting Shabuath (Pentecost)56k
[PDF ] Intro to Section 2 --Early Christian Schools212k
[PDF ] Chapter 17 --The Quartodecimans and Quasi-Quartodecimans60k
[PDF ] Chapter 18 --The 7 Days of the Quartodecimans and the Quasi-Quartodecimans64k
[PDF ] Chapter 19 --More Evidence of the Quasi-Quartodeciman 7 Days40k
[PDF ] Chapter 20 --The Roman System (System E)52k
[PDF ] Chapter 21 --The 7 Days of Systems E, F, and G56k
[PDF ] Chapter 22--The Christian Pentecost52k
[PDF ] Chapter 23 --The Role of Pentecost on the Christian Phasekh52k
[PDF ] Chapter 24 --A Time for Mourning56k
[PDF ] Summation to Volume 120k
[PDF ] Appendix A--The Preexistence of the Messiah76k
[PDF ] Appendix B--The Yahu Covenant36k
[PDF ] Appendix C --Why Yahu Yahweh Became Flesh48k
[PDF ] Appendix D --Circumcision40k
[PDF ] Appendix E --Why Not Eat from the Tree of Life44k
[PDF ] Appendix F --Polycarp's Death44k
[PDF ] Appendix G --The Year of Polycarp's Death56k
[PDF ] Appendix H--A-D-N-I in Psalm, 110:120k
[PDF ] Bibliography and Abbreviations112k
[PDF ] General Index76k
[PDF ] Index of Abbreviated References from the Bibliography28k
[PDF ] Index of Names, Words, and Phrases in Foreign Script60k

44 files

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