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  Rules for the New Moon
  Discusses the scriptural method for uncovering the knowledge and calculations to determine a new moon.
  The Beginning of the Year
  Reveals the fact that the entire issue rests with the instructions regarding the Festival of Ingathering and its tequphath (season of the year).
  The Torah
  Examines the Torah of Moses (Old Covenant) and its relationship to the Abrahamic Covenants of Promise.
  Addresses the issue as to whether fleshly circumcision is part of the Abrahamic Covenants of Promise and required in order to be saved.
  The Preexistence of the Messiah
  Provides scriptural evidence that Yahushua the messiah preexisted as the eloah or ruach being called Yahu Yahweh.
  Why Not Eat from the Tree of Life?
  Answers the important question "Why did Adam and Eve not eat from the fruit of the tree of life before partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?"
  The Yahu Covenant
  Examines the concept that there exists a special eternal covenant between father Yahweh and the archangel Yahu Yahweh (who later became the man Yahushua the messiah).
  Why Yahu Yahweh Became Flesh
  Not only does this article answer the question but also addresses "Why specifically did he have to become the fleshly descendant of Abraham?"
  The Documentary Hypothesis
  A brief history of why some scholars and religionists prefer to discredit the idea that the Pentauech was composed by Moses.
  Variations in the Pentatuech
  A rational approach that explains why the variations found in the Pentatuech do not reflect its authorship by various writers other than Moses.
  A-D-N-I in Psalm, 110:1
  Unravels the puzzle found in Matt. 22: 41-45 that was posed by Yahushua the messiah which confounded the Pharisees. In part the question was: "What do you think concerning the messiah? Whose son is he?"
  Dates for the NT
  Presents evidence that indicates every book of the New Testament, except for Revelation, had been written before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.


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